A Small Girl With a Big Problem

It’s been nearly a week since eight-year-old Saabdam Kombat came to the Baptist Medical Centre in Nalerigu. The little girl fell from a tree and broke her jaw in two places. Her chin is hanging open. The fall also knocked out so many of her teeth that Matt and a visiting surgeon were not able to stabilize her jaw by wiring her mouth shut. Simply put, the hospital here is not equipped to treat her problem.

Matt has been working with the doctors here and their contacts in the capital city, Accra, to find an oral surgeon willing to take Saabdam as a patient. They have found a surgeon at Korle Bu Teaching Hospital in Accra. Through a lot of prayer and legwork, they have also found someone willing to take the child and her father, Jafuok, to Tamale, the nearest city of any size. Someone else is willing to buy their bus tickets to Accra, and a third person has agreed to meet them at the bus station in Accra and take them to the hospital. All of this is an answer to prayer.

Several weeks ago, I wrote a post asking you to pray for a child called Saando who born with spina bifida. His parents were from a tiny, remote village, and the necessary surgery would require them to take a daunting trip to another world filled with traffic, tall buildings, and languages they’ve never heard. The parents took the child back to their village. As far as we know, he never received the surgery that would have saved his life.

Saabdam and her father come from a similar situation. Our small village of Nalerigu is probably the largest city either have ever seen. They don’t speak English or even the local language of Mampruli. They are from the Bimoba tribe and find communicating with people at the hospital difficult, though there are other Bimoba here who can translate for them. In Accra, there will be no one. Jafuok is clearly a father who loves his daughter dearly, but he is out of his depth. When he was told of the surgery his daughter would need, Jafuok responded that perhaps his relatives could sell some goats to pay for it. This surgery will cost more than many goats.

Things are falling into place to get this little girl the help she needs. With the surgery, she can be a healthy, normal girl, though perhaps one who is more leery of climbing trees. Without the surgery, she will be badly deformed at best or die from infection at worst.

Please pray that the Kombat family will arrive safely in Accra, that the surgeon will be able to successfully repair her jaw and that the infection they have been treating at the hospital here will not resurface. Pray also for Jafuok Kombat as he is trying to negotiate a truly intimidating city while worrying about his daughter’s health.

We are in the process of raising money to pay for Saabdam’s surgery and hospitalization in Accra. If you would like to donate any amount, you can do so through the Faile Foundation, an organization established to support the work of the Baptist Medical Centre in Nalerigu. They accept donations through PayPal here, or you can mail a check to
The Faile Foundation
P.O. Box 542
Cave Spring, GA 30124

As always, thank you for your prayers and support. We could not have made it through our time here without your encouragement.

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